Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Xmas Speach

My friends,taxi drivers and members of the public,i think this year went quite well,although it's 1 year since Jimmy Sinnot passed away,and we miss him dearley,Big Les hasent been too good,but he'll get through this,he's a fighter,the lollie-pop man got his hat back,(it was only a joke that backfired) 2 years now since we had a white xmas,the Mrs dad isent at all well,but besides all this we carry on to the new year 2007. Hope you's all had a wonderful xmas,i did(and still am)Take care.


Munther said...

All the best mate ! :) Hope all your (and your family's) dreams, hopes and wishes come true ! And we will be praying for the health of your father in law ! :)

gazza27 said...

Nice one Munther he went home yesterday but needs oxygen 18 hours a day,but he's still happy to be home.