Tuesday, November 23, 2004

David McCann Again (tut tut)

What can i say,just when we think our mate Dave has done his worst,he strikes again..................
Their kid (Mark) put a pair of shoes in the cobblers to be re healed and soled(like who does that these days)and asked their Dave to pick them up!Told him the price was 18.50 and gave him a 20 spot.Not only did he give him no change but he had the laces off as well......................................
There's a lot to say about moving to Crosby but at the moment i cant think of any?............

Monday, November 22, 2004

Have i lost a month or is it still November,if it's not me tell them in Norhfield Rd!

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Kevo was spotted taking young Barbera for a chinkies,nothing wrong with that you may ask yourself,birthday,wedding anniversary,day they met.Dosent matter,it was all cool till i heard for afters he took her to the movies to see what?i cant say make your own minds up?(give ye's a clue it' an English film,part 2)

Monday, November 15, 2004

Latest News

Jay Fisher had a hit and run while he had passengers in,Stanley Rd Bedford area,car was said to be a black Ford,an anbulance was called for his passengers but i believe Jay was unhurt(besides his concousion and whiplash)hope he's alright for footie on wed?And thats about all i think,i keep hearing about poeple who have hit this site and think it's funny but i dont get much in the reply department,are you's all shy or gay,anon will do,anything.Talk soon Ladies.Gaz
P.S. Congradulations to young Davie Kinder,His Mrs Tracy has just gave birth to a bouncing boy,nice one lad.

I'm publishing this becouse i think some of you might need some spiritual guiding?

Competition time.Guess where this is?

Phil told me he always mops up but i think he tell's lies?

I noticed the floor in our office,around the coffie machine was to say the least,fucking mingin,so pointing it out to our top operator Phil McCann,i was verbally abused and told i was born out of wedlock and i could be over weight!sorry for opening my mouth.........

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Where the road bends out to the right,there used to be a black plasic ballard their,guess who knocked that down?

(vinny 90(VD))"Why do ye's keep calling me Stan Collymore?"

Who's signiture is this?

Friday, November 12, 2004

Who's cabs this?

Joe Scully from Oz sent me this,i dont know if it's a joke or true?

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Some scrote palmed me off with an old 50p,so later in the night i picked groovey grandma up,being in their usuall shit faced condition,they got an extra large 50p in their change,roger dees............

Robbie The Rat

Robbie told me about a stroke he pulled and I must say I was impressed,he said,he was first off the Buckie bingo,waiting for sticks(an old guy on sticks that goes to Maghull,get a tenner for it)so he gets a short job to Marsh Ln.On the way back to the bingo he spot's a flag at Yate's,so further along the road he notices another cab on the bingo rank,then spot's stick's coming out the bingo,so Robbie does the rite thing and blows through"theirs a flag on Yate's",the operator blows it out and the cab on the bingo rank pulls off and gets the flat on Yate's.Robbie pulls on the bingo and gets stick's...........................Love it,I really do....................

Alex.(Do You Think I've Got Sexy Eye's?

Alex(sexy eyes)

It seems Alex is a new member of the homosexual group,I heard he sat on his specks,totaled them,so borrowed his Mrs's contact lens's which had a pink tint to them,some of the lad's also said they could feel eyes on their bot as they walked pased him?

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Postman Pat

Jay 68

Young Jay sets off for his school run,pics up the paki's sister on Linacre Rd(School Escort)gets all the way to Formby Island when Jay say's "shit" The Paki's sister says"what"Jay replies"we forgot to pick the kid up in Maghull"oops?You may think this is just Jay having a bad day but in his own words he said"i've done it before about 2 years ago"what more can i add to that..........?

Thursday, November 04, 2004

David McCann

This is a sorry tale and i only hope Ian Swanny doesent get wind of this.
Let's start from the beginning.
Alex blew through to see if Dave wanted a cup of tea with him in the office.
Dave said yes and he'd meet him their.
Alex got himself 1 and left credit in the machine for Dave.
In the meantime Stretch walks in the office see's credit in the machine and has it off(as ye do).
So later on,Dave appears and says did'nt ye get me a brew ye so and so.
So Alex tell's him he has got him one but Stretch had it off and all that,so give's dave a pound and says here get your own and get me a chocolate.
So Alex carried on gassing and few minute's later remembered about his drink(or lack of it).
So looking around the office he couldent see it,so at looking at the machine their was no credit in it.
The story unfold's.
The pound that Alex gave Dave,Dave put that in HIS box,took out 40p and got his own drink?
What more can you say to that,i shudder to think!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Low News Update

I'm back at work tomorrow,playin footie in the afternoon,so i'll gather as mutch news as i can for ye's.Tomorrow i'm going to ask Snell if he want's to be partners in this site,as i'm getting the feeling that this site is losing it's comedy value,and as we are only here for a laugh i cant go far wrong,plus i havent the time on my own and we'll be bouncing off eachother,i'd like to say it's up to you but there's no reply's any more?i wont be back till at least Sun now Bye.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Guess where i went Sat night?(wish i didnt)