Sunday, October 31, 2004

27's back on the road from Monday,driving Postman Pat's van

Thursday, October 28, 2004

My Taxi Crash

Tonight,wed,i was driving along sefton road,litherland,when i noticed a car trying to get out of Ozbourne Rd,indicating right,i flashed the car to let him out to wich he hesitated so i flashed him again and he pulled staight out onto an oncoming car,which hit him then bounced off and hit me,twated my head but every time i told anyone they said"lucky it wasent anywhere serious"......"Whats going on their".

Doest look that bad.

Doesent look good

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


The other night Phil was entertaining Snelly in the office about 5am when our leader walked in and he wasent half impressed as no drivers are allowed in the radio room,but i believe the story got blown out of preportion as usuall,Phil told me to keep this under my hat?

Monday night going down Warwick Rd i spotted a white rabbit so i thought i better take a picture incase you's think i'm on drugs.

Billy The Bastard

The villans car in Towchester St.

Gay Stearing Wheel cover

Jay(68)Honest Citizen.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


First of all I'd just like so say a big thank you to all the lad's who had a whipround for me,it was mutch appreciated and I never expected it so thanx again lad's.
Back to more serious stuff on Monday night a young lady came out of the Cat and Fiddle a little bit worse for wear and decided she needed to pee,so she drop's her trolleys behind a tree,but with the tree being about 4 inches wide didn't cover mutch,but then..............................The best is to come,she slipped and fell in her own pee.............AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....Class or what.

Citizen of the year nominees are young Jay (68) and Billy the Bastard(How Cool's That Name),who witnessed a drunk driver hit and run and gave chase to the villain who eventually got caught,Police said they were very busy,that's why they took sutch a long time to turn out.

It appears i have been on the recieving end of some stick because Alf put a snake skin stearing wheel cover in our cab,does that make me a homosexual,i dont think so.......

Homosexual Taxi

Monday, October 25, 2004


As the year draws to an end,we have have had some prize one's,I nominee my self for losing my wallet on Sat,but their ye go,I'm on a bit of a downer on the MO,but ye know, I'll bounce back,it's only money,give me this week,to get myself back together and I'll be firing on 4 pistons.
Soon Lad's & Girls

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Latest News

I believe Billy Bean had an attempted hit and run Sat,sorry missed it,believe it was good,(come on lad's,no pictures,no one got a camera phone)end of the day I heard their was a good turnout and the villains got apprehended .Bad news our friend Brian Daily got oused off his cab coz of insurance details,let you know more about that soon.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Who'd wear a pair of boot's like this?

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Radio Settle Rise

Now that we've been" Metro Radio Cab's"for nearly a year now,the (bad)operators that we have now seem to think they are important,and want a rise in their wages.i've a point,why not give them shorter hours and ask Phil McCann to do their hours for free,makes sence,he loves the job and would do it for peanut's anyway,or else he can go back to being the doorman on stadard.


Their has been sighting's of a homosexual taxi in the Bootle area,a white taxi with a pictute of Goerge Clooney on the doors,the driver is also reported to be wearing a navy blue scalf,rhumer has it that it's not a taxi but an icecream van,and the sunroof is a serving hatch,dunno,have a word with the driver.Or tell tell the driver to have a word????


mark ready said...
jeff tells lies like jean eats pies (constantly)
he thinks hes slick but hes just a prick with no dick
he says he use 2 box he must of been smokin rox
he wasnt a priest he was a beast
he robbed a car never got far,got battered by me mar
he said hes got a villa but his bird couldnt fit cos shes the size of a gorilla
he never had mates always baked cakes wore a pinny and was ever so skinny.
9:01 PM

Monday, October 11, 2004

The Lads (



Saturday we had the sad news Billy Sanders passed away,he had been retired for a couple of years but he was still a star player in the cab trade.Goodnight Billy and God Bless...............
As soon as I get the funeral details I'll let ye's know,We'll all be their to show our respects wont we lad's?
Billy's funeral's at St Robert Bellarmines Church,Monday October 18 At 12 noon,interment following at Bootle Cemetery.
Bob told me a funny story about Billy,Ye know the 2 disabled places at the back of te Yate's rank,well Billy was parked on them when a guy came up and said.............................................
(member of public):excuse me,can you move your cab so I can park in the disabled place?
(Kirkstone Billy):Disabled,I'm older than than you,disabled,there's nothing wrong with ye.
MOP:I just want to park my car in the disabled bay?
KB:well if yer was disabled i would have moved but theirs nothing wrong with ye.
The guy then rolls up his trousers and shows Billy his artificial leg........................................................
Still did no good....................................Billy didn't move and the guy drove away...............
A good few years ago now maybe about 10 iwas driving down hawthorne rd towards Aintree rd when Kirkstone Billy flagged me down and said "keep an eye on my my cab kid while i grab this guy"i was abit stunned at first then realised Billy had had a problem with his passenger,so billy was chasing this guy who was going ape shit,shouting"you stay away from me you fucking nutter" and the like's,so Billy was being real calm and saying "what have i done to you lad,i've done nothing wrong"to whitch Billy srarted spraying the guy with CS Gas,but to no avail,it was like water off a duck's back.The guy gott off and jumpud over a wall,(the old railway wall)but their was no escape,so billy said to me"radio for the police",i wasent on a radio system then so i told him i'd drive down to marsh lane police station and tell them(it was open at night in them days)so i did my duty and then took a flag to Huyton,on my way back i thought i'll take a nosey,and their was Billy talking to the police,Lad in the back of the van,when a copper walked over to me and said"how many taxi's where their when this went off,i said"loads about 12"me and Billy.the copper went on to say "this lad stinks of cs gas which is a class a firearm and my boss is going apeshit"Billy was standing their with a bottle of windowline in his hand saying"this is all i sprayed him with"
He got off with it,but there is more to this story,That guy they called the flower seller,gone on the city now,i heard him telling the story saying he was the witness,and he said to Billy "yer on ye own now,i dont want to know"lyin fuckin tit.(drives a maroon cab,could be Billy Mah's)

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

So,what do ye thik Scot?is it a good haircut?"HeWay ta fook nawt ta fook wrong with that fooker?

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Mick Kendal's Haircut

Our friend mike,on a recent trip to USA (fuckin globe trotter) was having a bad hair day,so wanders down to the local HAIR SALON,and politely ask's the young lady to sort the mess out,to whitch she ask's "have you an appointment"Mike looks round in amazement as their isn't any other fucker in the place,"no he replies",but makes an appointment for the next day ,the story goes he got charged $30 for this haircut,but hey can ye put a price on good looks.....

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Low News Update

Not mutch happened this week neither,I heard Leo Sayer had a pop at Shrek's dad,over gabbin and not moving down the rank,I must say,he does pick his mark,even if the rumor is rite about him being a black belt in mefuk yu.he must be a hard case with the bad attitude the guy has,but with the man's great knowledge,he knows fuckall about hairstyle's?...........
Believe their was a bit of a rumble in the Metro yard the other day,and a just cause one, but the other guy wouldn't take the bait, I think that's all for now,site's taking off really slow,not having as mutch feedback as I thought I might get,I'm getting more and more pissed off with the job as the kid's start throwing bricks at us,but what can ye do?
Sorry about that readers,i did go off on one here,had a few problems but things are sorted now,where do i start.......?

Anyone got a bail of straw?

Friday, October 01, 2004


A couple of drivers have developed an unhealthy bonding with their dog's,they've both discovered a game to play with their animals involving an erm short piece of string that gets dangled informs of the dog to get it to chase after it,no room for mishaps in this game,sounds nowhere near good to me but taxi driver's can de a bit odd sometimes???????