Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I know it's only the second gig,but it never went as planed,they were verry strict on the door about age,so most of their mates being of the average age of 17,never got in,being a bigger club than the Zanzibar,made it look empty,but what can you do?the main band were The Hours,and they are a great band,so they must have been disapointed with the turnout.Good news is,i know a guy who is a reporter for the Liverpool Echo(he's writing a book about the club Eric's,i got interviewed coz i got arrested on the last night...long story!)and he's going to review the band.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Nationall Press


Shit might hit the fan here but if there was MOWO awards,it got me thinking?

Thursday, September 21, 2006


We all remember the not so funny Krankies,a husband and wife duo who played Wee Jimmy Krankie,the naughty school boy and his dad,but young Snellgrove pointed out to me something that got my mind really spinning,if you found yourself lusting after wee jimmy...........Would this make you........




(or just a krank)makes you think though doesn't it?LOL

Monday, September 18, 2006

YES,Another One

Sat night (Sun morn) about 3.30 am gets a flag at the New Strand bus stop's,big guy door man size but dressed like a student,he says "Smithithdown Road mate or is that?" but b4 he could finish I said "sound ,that's ok" so off we set,then he says,"I fucked up their ye know mate,I got on the wrong buss and ended up in Bootle" "that's a bit of a downer then init"I reply...The guy goes quiet then and slopes down in his seat,as we are nearly their he says"yer I fucked up their mate I got on the 55 thet used to go to Gatacre (it didn't,its always went through Bootle to the Marion Square),ye know that Stand mate,that's where James Bulger got abducted".I say "ye,I know,I'm from Bootle,I was working on the night he went missing,I helped search for the lad and I followed the case"by this time we were reaching the end of Smithdown Road,so I ask "is it much further lad"THEN............................It HAPPENS..................................He says,"Er,I haven't got any money mate,but,if you've got a pen and paper,you can call back tomorrow and I'll pay you,I live at 25 lowerbridge....."But I didn't let him finish,I said "your taking the piss lad,you should have told me b4 you got in you had no money,youre going to have to give me something"so he says,"I've only got buttons"'no,I mean something valuble like a phone,ring watch or something""well take me to the house and I'll see what I can do"his house was about another 10 miutes drive,when we get their,he says"I'll see if my dad's in............. Then my luck was in he came out with 2 ten pound notes..............There is a god after all.

Young Allan Again

We all remember Allan,hitting the post by Yate's,well the young lad got arse ended by another driver,with...i hear 4 passengers,sounds like a holliday to me?

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mad Mick Returns

Young Michael,had been away on holiday for a few weeks(didn't half miss him)so I was having a gab with the lads when he walks over to Jay McCullough and says "alrite,I've got ye a little something from my holls" and he dangles a Canada key ring,but Jay says,"nar,your all rite"I started laughing at this point when I saw Micks face drop,(it must have been bad for him)Jay says"nar ye might as well give it to someone who appreciates it lad,I'd just throw it away"now......I'm at the stage where I need oxygen,I'm laughing so much,Mick says "you ungraitfull bastard,I brought this all the way from Canada and you don't want it"I.........Had to walk away I couldn't take any more,I was getting pains in my sides with laughing,it was so funny,later on,I saw Allan,and told him the story,but he had a funny look on his face,when I finished telling him about the key ring,he reached into his cab,produced the same key ring,dangled it infront of me and said "was it anything like this?" which made the whole story ten times funnier,sending me into a fit of laughter again!
(p.s. both these guys are retards)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Blue Sh***

Will we ever here the end of it?

Friday, September 08, 2006

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Yet Another Nutter

Driving down Knowsley rd,a guy comes out a flat over the shops,"hey mate,my mate got shot ye know"This wasent a good start,(god help me)he tell's me he wants the garrage for sigs then the chippy,he passes me a tenner and asks"is that enough for sigs,scran and back home"not knowing the question i try and get some sence out of him while i head the garage for sigs,he tells me that a paki cunt served him and they shouldent be in our country,then he wants to go the chippy,so he starts muttering about how much im going to charge him,"will a fiver cover it"he asks as we approach the chip shop,so i tell him "its 4 pound now" so he says "drop me off here,i'll make my own way home"so he gives me a fiver say's take 4.50,so i say"nice one lad see you later"...he repies"you want see me later,ye robbing bastard"....wow...so i reply"why am i a robbing bastard"
Nut:you know why
Gaz:i dont
Nut:you took me from their to here and charged me 4 quid
Gaz:yer but it's after 11,tariff 2,it starts off at 2 pound
Nut:i dont want to argue with you lad
Gaz:but you gaveme a 50p tip
Nut:i always tip taxi drivers,i'm not a dickhead ye know
Gaz:i never said you were
Nut:ive got your number anyway,im going to report you
He didnt know what day it was,so any comebacks off this loser will be a suprise?

Official photo

The band are now playing with a temp drummer,Luke(lead guitar) was the original drummer,(the lead guitarist left because he did'nt like the music direction that ClockworkMargaret was going) but Luke knew a guy who plays drums,so took on the lead guitar role as well as adding his boss dance routine to the band,at the gig,Luke lost his plec,so played with his fingers till they bled...i heard blood was running down his arm........God loves a trie'r....LOL

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Monday, September 04, 2006


The bands first gig went off great,they got a brilliant review...from chromewaves..(http://www.chromewaves.net/index.php?itemid=2328)

ClockworkmargaretSometimes something shows up in your inbox (or in this case, your MySpace friends requests) that out of the blue, just beguiles you. And by "you", I mean me. It's probably far too early to judge Liverpool's Clockworkmargaret - after all, they look barely out of their teens (if even that old), haven't had even a half dozen rehearsals and I think they played their first-ever gig last night. Yet they have some recorded output available on their MySpace and the one song - a cover of my possibly my favourite Elliott Smith song - is just wonderful. The sweetness of the Catherine's voice combined with her Scouse accent suits the song's delicate melody perfectly, imbueing the song with youthful innocence rather than Smith's weariness. And when Jini's harmonies come in at the very end, it's sublime. Barely two minutes long and yet it somehow breaks my heart. The original on offer is not surprisingly a good deal rougher, but still displays a lot of potential. As I said, it's probably still waaaaay too early to place bets but I'm definitely keen to hear what they do next.MP3: Clockworkmargaret - "Say Yes"MP3: Clockworkmargaret - "She"np - Early Day Miners / Offshore
posted at 09:02 AM on Sep 03, 2006 by Frank

P.S. The band also got paid 52 quid,so ClockworkMargaret are now a sucsessfull band?