Thursday, May 26, 2005

Police car accident!$%*&+|:

This is my side of the story and I'm keeping to it.I got a job from Sully's,two young girls,going to Staley Park,Litherland, I head down Stanley Road,then it all happened,Marsh lane,Stanley Road junction..............Bang..................I didn't know what hit me,it happened in a split second!When I realized what happened I just saw a police car skidding away off the impact,one of the girl's in back shouted "what happened their mate" and in my state of confusion I said"I've just hit a police car"then as normality set inn I realized I'd only been their for seconds and my lights were still on green,looking at the police car I could see that one of them was hurt,he was sitting in between the two front seats,then they put their blue light on?Looking in my rear view mirror one of the girls had a facial injury,her nose was cut and there was blood everywhere,the other girl said she couldn't move?Witch is not a good thing?I thought she had broke her back,but the good news is,she was just very badly bruised,but the other girl broke her nose.Getting out my cab I see a private hire driver,looking in amazement,"are you ok he asks""yer" I reply"did you see that"I asked "yer"he said"I saw everything,they went through a red light with no blue light or siren on"Then about five police cars arrived,even the police helicopter was around!Loads of arguments between the police and Traffic, I also heard a police guy say to the traffic"our guys were going through on a blue light when the accident happened" so while my passengers were both injured,the two police officers got off in the first ambulance,so when I've gave my details to the traffic police(who was very helpful by the way)she told me that because the other two police officers had got off before she arrived,that I'd probably get a police caution,as will the two police officers,for our series of events?Let you's know what's happenig,later dude's!
The two young girls got in touch with trevor ,for his insurance details,and told trever the same story as mine(which cant be a bad thing)
Also Egsville's daughter works in my brief's office.
That cant be a bad thing,ca it?

Young girl getting stretchered away

Traffic lights dont work?

side view


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Get onto this dude's,i was only involved in a crash with a Police car!

Monday, May 23, 2005

Miner damage of Chalie Bell(ends)cab

"Do any of you's know wat the weather forcast is tomorrow"(get to fuck)

Thursday, May 19, 2005

I pointed this out to the snell,who,by the way was verry offended,he said his name is spellt SNELLY.......................

A hate letter about snelly!

I thought they were made of wood?

More of them?

I've just started a new hobby,bardge spotting?it started by accident and just grew?

The Raki in the shell garage on Derby Rd has borrowed Dave 64's beard.

His second drawing(the guy is wasted on the cabs,should have been a police artist?)

An artistic triangle member drew this any one know who it is?

Have i said i get these losers most Monday's?

Roy from corrie,Star guy?

Gave his Mrs a good snog on the coach home from the race trip?

Sunday, May 15, 2005


This guy is a total tit,don't go on any of his so called"yellow one's"he had one on Thursday two on Friday,is that the puplic or him?I'd say its him,so don't go to his yellow ones,I'd like to see his set out but I've heard ho owes Metro a few bob,but I want him fucked off,he's going to get a driver hurt,and no one likes the knob anyway?

Friday, May 13, 2005

Jeff sporting his newly dyed goatie"did'nt think so our kid,did'nt think so at all?"

Monday, May 09, 2005

Who's this,he's sice shaved off his goatie but still a lookalike?

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Got a baby pic here,anyone know who this young lad turned out to be?

Monday, May 02, 2005

Anyone know this guy?gve ye a clue?he likes his cab?


I heard Tommy Cowkecks had a bit of an accident in our office,relaxed a bit too much in his chair,till it collapsed,no one would help the guy either,he had to roll out which happened to break the arm off the chair?Gooner man cant get jack shit ant that is official?Get back to ye on that?Elton John had another yellow one,I think he's well overtook Captain Chaos?Metros finest said the guy weighed 6 stone wringing wet(whatever that ment)And i'm also glad to hear young Jeff Ready is back on his feet and out on the piss(nice one fella)and that's about t people,take care out their,there on crack?