Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Mad Mick,words fail me now?bought them trainers in (FLORIDA)...............(get off my cab you retard)

What's going on,i ask ye?

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

News Update

Last wed(I think) I got called into Maghull Police Station to give a statement of what happened .Like I fucked a police car and my passengers ,as ye do ? July 17 i'l be awol, got paid 4 lst bump,

Monday, June 20, 2005

Walshy's day man(the African Grey) had a bit of dammage to the underside of his cab?

Postman Pat's Van is back on the road(does some damage this)9To be continued)

This pic may be poor but a fox stopped and looked at me on Gorsey Lane!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005



NAME: Ricky Dewsbury (Goonerman)
ADDRESS: 3 Walton hall avenue
L4 6UD
TELEPHONE: 0151 523 1014
DATE OF BIRTH: 01/07/1979

EDUCATION: 1994 – 1996
Betic training unit 10 & 11
Millers bridge
1991 – 1994
Home tuition centre
Gorsey lane
1990 – 1991
St George of England
High school
Fernhill road
Bootle( Expelled for being analed by Mr Bumsworth the Geography teacher)
QUALIFICATIONS: City & guilds foundation level numeracy
City & guilds foundation level communication
Merseyside in shore rescue training Basic introduction to first aid
Merseyside open college federation basic english programme

EMPLOYEMENT: 1995 – 2001
Astroquest Ltd
Orell mount
0151 922 680

Company Astroquest Ltd closed in 2001 due to no work.
During my employment with Astroquest Ltd I was a brake bounder using a large selection of equipment and machinery. These included shot blasting machinery.

2002 – 2004
A&B Engines Ltd
Orell mount
0151 922 3352

Company A&B Engines took over Astroquest Ltd in 2002
re-employed by new owners. Laid off on the 9th of July due to no work.
At A&B Engines Ltd I was a delivery driver. Delivering necessary parts to relevant places using a company van.

PERSONAL STATEMENT: I have gained a number of understandings through schooling and employment. Employment has played a big part for me as I really enjoy doing the necessary work. I am hard working and reliable. I work well within a team or on my own.
Richard Beebly
A&B Engines Ltd
Orell Mount
0151 922 3352


The Wetherby Hillbillies

On the taxi drivers, racing day out to Thirsk, we where all amused by the Clampet stile antics of Mr+Mrs Stretch on the way home from Wetherby. Smooching on the coach, slobbering pizza on the coach but best of all having a big fight and then going there separate ways. This next song is a tribute to their antics so stay tuned for the Wetherby Hillbillies.

Now, let me tell you story ‘bout a man name stretch
A poor taxi driver but he kept his family fed
Then one night he’s in the chippy for some food
And off fucked his bird on another booze cruise

Baccy that is, golden Virginia!

Next thing ye know young stretch says to Clare
I ain’t makin money from me petty taxi fare
They say down the Carlton is the place you want to be
For the lot’in loot’in sellin of your packs of L an B!!!
Don’t come back now D’ye hear!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Did some favours in his time?

He talks a good fight?

Crash Test Dummy

This is my new name and Alex takes the credit,Thanx,(i think)

Friday, June 10, 2005

Jack the Kipper

For those of you who don't know who this guy is (Jack the Kipper) he usually flag's around Marsh Ln,Stanley Rd area (after just been the chippy) he tells you he wants to go to Tower Hill (Kirby) then slips into a coma, I was watching the weirdo falling asleep as he has eating,now that's not good is it?Getting him out the cab is a different matter?The guy is almost impossible to wake up,then,while he is awake,you have to strike fast coz he'll fall back asleep within seconds,if you give him the chance,now it's not that bad,I know where he lives,Left into Windomere Dr, left again and the second house on the left,he owes me two quid by the way,he's not a fare to stop for on a busy weekend but midweek,and you've got a bit of time?

Jack the Kipper in his usuall state?

Someone said this is Dave and their kid after the match?

Eggsvill's mishap!!!!!!

I don't know the full story yet but this is for starters,Eggy went down to London to buy a cab(green TX1) to put it trough its plate he had to get the windows etched with the reg of the vehicle,after it was done the guy told him that there was glass dust every where and to go and wash it off,upon doing this with a jet wash,the back window smashed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that's not funny is it?
Spoke to Eggsville,like i said but,he only started on the foam when the window went through????????

Sunday, June 05, 2005


Just like to say welcome back to Cheddar and Booie also like to thank LTI for the TX1,thats 2 full front impacts that i've had and walked away with minor injuries!Thanx Again..........

Full front ender.

On my way to pic my Mrs up i saw my cab on the back of a pickup truck?

Going past the next day there was a bit of damage?

side view

Minor damage

Postman's cab in daylight!

Our mate Alf had a minor bump,pulled out on a wagon,no one hurt,forget about this?