Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mischief Night

While i got through last night virtually untouched(got a small metal odject lashed at me also an egg thrown that missed) some drivers wernt as lucky,Steven off 87 got hit with 11 eggs and a large baking potatoe,the police were out in force and did a wonderfull job,but.....operation TROGAN.....the police borrowed a cab,1 driving and 4 in the back and were verry hard to get in touch with,and when they were in touch with our office they said "we're just monitering the situation and when we see anything we'll radio through for unformed police" and by that time the kids were off. So we'll have to wait for a report to see if their was any prossecutions?

The Captin

I look forward to picking this guy up,he's so funny,calls you everything under the sun,new drivers throw him out thinking he's trouble but you just have to laugh at him and give him the same back.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

No Law

Here in Sefton we're wondering if their is any LAW,kids can throw eggs,bricks and their household contents at cabs,I believe police cars get the same,Fire services get called out to a fire,and they get the same,surely someone knows these kids and could tell their parents, or are their parents too pissed up or off their head on drugs to give a shit,it's not only Liverpool,England IT'S EVERYWHERE NOW,Yob Culture is coming to an area near you,and what can you do about it....................NOTHING....................With Human Rights and Policical Correctness,if you take the law into your own hands ,then you are liable to prosecution,if you phone the police you could wait up to 2 hours if their bussy,that's in the day time at night.................................................................Most police stations are CLOSED..................................... YES THAT'S RITE....................................CLOSED,so if you find yourself getting attacked by a YOB (HOODY) be careful not to harm him and ask him to stay calm for a few hours till the ...POLICE...Arrive

The Royle Family

Six years this has been off our TV and I missed it like mad,so when they announced their was going to be a one off one hour special I was over the moon,got some beers in waiting to laugh my socks off,and it didn't let me down except for the second half when Nana died,I could have cried my eyes out,but it went funny again,and was well worth the wait,hope a new series is planned for the future?

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Last night i only got hit with 2 eggs?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

He Had A New Hairstyle Now He Needs A Bumper

Another Intresting Snellgrove Fact

While talking to Snelly i saw he had a Scooby-Doo air freshner hanging from his rear view mirror,so in my best Scooby-Doo voice i said "woooooooooooby-woooooooooooo"then i get the reply,"you know what i couldent understand about Scooby-Doo""what""you know that Scooby could talk quite well(for a dog),how come his young nephew(scrappy) could talk perfect?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Jay's Magic Taxi

Jay's cab was off the road last weekend,the engine blew,so i saw him Monday night and asked if his cab was o.k. "yer,sort of,you'll laugh when you see this" so he tells me that when he puts his headlights on,full beam comes on,and wont go off,then,when you switch the engin off and take the key out..........the engine is still running...........so............you may ask yourself..........how do you get the engine to stop..............by turning the lights off............................LOL.................love it.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Dare(my lookalike lol)

Mick's Hairsyle Upgrade

Mad Mick (as he likes to be known) has had an upgrade on his hairstyle,not soon enough some may say,a comb over isn't a good hairstyle,nor is a mullett,a combination of both is a total disaster,I'm not to sure on the quiff though?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

How Old Is Too Old

My next birthday,(nov19)i'm going to be 44,obviously i'm not ashamed of that,i'm quite proud!and i played a bit of 5 a side football,(not that i was any good)i had to miss it last week,coz i woz waiting fo a workman to fit a carpet in my loft,talking to the lads that night,they asked why i didnt turn up,then Luke(the fat bastard) says "your not still playing footy at your age"talk about making you feal old?

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Barfly-Played Their

File Share

Shareaze,limewire,morpheus,kazza the list goes on,we all use em (or do we) what one do you use,i once got told to use emule,no virus's,all movies top quality,ploblem was,slow as fuck.......when you told ppl,who recomenede it ,they'd say"do u think thats slow?"when u download a movie,you want it that day at least?i keep on hearing ,dont use limewire,its full of virus's,same with kazza,but,what if you know what your doing,and you have a good anti virus that will stop any shit entering your pc,we all know its against the law!(but some of us might still do it)with high speed broadband,who's going to know if you download a song in seconds then switch it off,keep it running all day and you could be traced?or could you?

Monday, October 02, 2006

Battered Ex Husbands

Which driver,who is going through a messy divorce,went into court and said "if i stand here ,she'll attack me again",then got told"we can put you in the witness protection box,then when you are going,we can let you out the staff entrance"what can you say to that?
watch out for scary mary!


I'm currently using a Samsung D500,when i went into ,Menue,Call records,it showed a high number,300 or so,then froze,nthing i could do to un freeze it,then it would reboot,and the same again if i went int call records,so i stoped going into Call Records,but i could hear my phone rebooting all day long,so i went back into,Call Records,5,Delete all,and.........problem solved,phone now has a new lease of life!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Lost Wallet

I pick up a guy in South Road,Waterloo,he doesent go far,Stuart Road,Waterloo,but i'm glad of any job,i pull back onto Crosby Road South,and get flaged down by 3 student looking lads,who go into Crosby Village,then straight away pick up 4 young girls who want to go into town,so half way into town,the operater stars blowing,any of our drivers pick up South Road went to Stuart Road abou 20 minits ago,so i say,"yer i did that ,but i've had 2 jobs since" so he says,"their isent a wallet in the back of the cab is their?"so i explain that i've had 2 jobs since and i'll ask the girls in the back if there's any sign,they said no,THEN...........my phone starts doing overtime with text messages"lucky bastard""how mutch was in it""jammy twat"and the likes,but,although i laughed and took it as a joke,how many of them thought i had the wallet?what do people really think of me?

Kieren Cought A Pike

Our John's lad Kieren cought his first pike,put up a good fight though,and was released to get cought another day!