Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Saw this in BOOTS reminded me os someone?cant think who?

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Our mate Jay only dyed his hair for his Wedding?

Monday, September 19, 2005

Jeff Ready printed this.Luke was impressed except for the K.N.A.L. coz he did 3 years in collage!

Thursday, September 15, 2005


MY DAYMAN AND MATE ALF RETIRED TODAY....................................................I'M GOING TO MISS THAT GUY..................................................WHEN I GOT IN THAT CAB,IT WOULD ALWAYS BE SPOTLESS AND TANKED UP PROPLEY....................I HAVE NOTHING BUT RESPECT FOR THE GUY.....................TAKE CARE ALF AND ENJOY THE RETIREMENT,YOU DESERVE IT.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Taxi News

Our mate Albi got coughed taking 6 people to town,he took the bait of getting offered 30 quid,the hackney police nabbed him as he was dropping off,told him to report to the Liverpool hackney office,when doing so,he got his legs severely slapped,putting him on probation for 18 months........ Then young Danny Bolton gets collared picking up in town by Liverpool hackney. ......................... Billy 80 has a crash on Gorsey Lane ,his fault,then goes on holiday while his cabs getting fixed(he should have more crashes).........Now for the bad news. Gary the Kirby Kidda is leaving us,going back on the private hire! I'll miss that lad,he was pure class!


IM sure this story has been twisted to be funnier but here goes, I hear Luke was in metros office about to go on holiday to his caravan in Spain,people were saying Luke shouldn't you be going?When he eventually left I heard Peggy's father drove them,who is 77 years old,there was a bit of road works and diversions,but when they got to Blackpool instead of Manchester things got a bit worrying. Eventually when they got to Manchester the flight had already boarded,but Luke was insisting to be let on,saying he was going to sue them,the girl tells him you are too late,the best I can do is give you a free flight in the morning. Free sas Luke I've already paid,No you've missed that flight you paid for and I don't have to give you anything.So Luke and Peggy had to stay in the airport overnight but, hey they got there in the end?
Spoke to Luke,said he's not telling what really happened coz as ye know(famouse quote here)(the truth is nowere near as funny).................................(thats my line by the way)


Hiya people,I got in touch with my solicitors today about the letter of liability I received yesterday,and he told me it was nothing to worry about,just the other police man in the passenger seat trying it on,and him not being able to enjoy his holiday in Corfu?What can I say,my heart bleeds for the guy,and as for-I) Failed to head or act upon the red traffic signal- ii) Drove to fast- iii) Failed to allow precedence to the other vehicle which was traveling through a green light- iv) Failed to act upon the warning lights and sirensof the police vehicle- v) Failed to take any adequate care for the safety of the claimant, thus exposing him to a foreseeable risk of injury. ------WHAT-------- I didn't realize I was such a knobhead ? I'll drive more safely in the future officer,Honest? Maybe the two police guys don't get on with each other and they are both claiming of each other?

Whats going on?

Was it my fault?

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I dont know how to say this but?...................................YYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS? what a weight off my chest, i can feel a holliday coming onn!

Monday, September 05, 2005

This is what the looked like when we left him?

I'm deaf and dumd but i'll show you the way?slater lid?


This is how it goes,a deaf guy flagged me the other side of Yates,nothing wrong with stopping for deaf people?So the young guy gives me sighns for pen and paper, to which I oblige! He writes down something that I cat read?So I look him in the face so that he can lip read and say,that is shit?start's again ?The same?(What do you Do with a deaf and dumd pissed guy)It's easy to say drag him out?In the mean time Steven 49 pulled up and was asking if I was OK,as well as Elton John,who said" do ye want him out" (before he knew he was d&d) (and he looked about 6 stone) then Billy 80 says "ca you bring him around to Marsh Lane Police Station" thinking that he's had a word, I drive round,Billy's on the phone of the police door(IT'S CLOSED AFTER 11PM)I have a word with the guy he tells me,police stations closed,my nearest is Stanley Road (Kirkdale) or Walton Lane!In the mean time I get pissed off and decide to drag the lad out my cab so he's the police problem,on doing this the lad crosses his legs,puts his head forward and goes asleep!Upon driving away I get a guilty conscience,and go back,then lucky enough a police car pulls up, I got out tell them the script and they say fine,leave him with us??????????


One of our good drivers showed me this,thats a big hole?


This is the real thing,but in the dark?


Our mate Jay(68) got had off with a jarg 20,nothing wrong with that,had a look at it myself,it was good,(i would of took it)?Watermark was shit?