Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Waste Of Time Sending Him A Letter

Xmas Speach

My friends,taxi drivers and members of the public,i think this year went quite well,although it's 1 year since Jimmy Sinnot passed away,and we miss him dearley,Big Les hasent been too good,but he'll get through this,he's a fighter,the lollie-pop man got his hat back,(it was only a joke that backfired) 2 years now since we had a white xmas,the Mrs dad isent at all well,but besides all this we carry on to the new year 2007. Hope you's all had a wonderful xmas,i did(and still am)Take care.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmass

Hiya all,hope you's all have a F***ING GOOD CHRISTMASS,this may be my last post for a few days.............Stevie64..........looking out for you,hope your mum gets through it!Big Les thinking of you,hope you are ok,and the rest of you's,god bless and have a happy new year if i dont c ye's b4



Sunday, December 17, 2006


The local lollie-pop man leav's his stuff in or office...and guess what?some lousey bastard has stole his hat,hang your head in shame whoever you are lad.

Damned Disciples

Me and our Cath went to see the The Damned,like we've done for the last three years,Carling Academy again,this year Zombina and the Skellitors were the support band and were nothing short of brilliant,put everyone into a good mood for the main band.
Seamed like hours for the main band to come on but then i noticed it was a bit more full than usuall,the atmosphere was buzzing,the band came on and it was out of this world,this band may have been performing now for 30 years but they have still got it,we got all the old and new,Elloise,new rose,smash it up and little miss....we screamed for more and we got it,looking forward to next year!
The video i recored with my phone isent up to much but i was getting knocked about everywhere,hope it captures the moment?

Friday, December 15, 2006

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


http://thepiratebay.org/ it appears people have been making illegal downloads off this site,i've also heard it works well with http://www.shareaza.com/ and if you want to preview your downloads you use http://www.videolan.org/vlc/ all of these progs are free and quick!


Got a dvd of the band at the Barfly,email me if you want a copy!

Mark's Encounter With A Chick

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Another Tuesday Night Weirdo

Tuesday gone Ronnie gets a fare off Yates's rank a few mins into the journey the guy says "floor it" Ronnie said he could tell he was a horrible bastard with a bad attitude so he tells him"this isn't a formula 1 car lad,it's just an auld taxi" so the guy rants on more,"just put your fucking foot down,your driving too slow"so Ron pulls over having listened enough of the guy who was now trying to get out ,but Ron kept his foot on the brake,keeping the doors locked,"let me out" "I wont,pay your taxi fare,then I'll let you out" then it happened the guy did a bull run head first though the door window (which was closed at the time) got up and ran away,Ronnie picks his jaw up off the floor and radio's through for assistance,so a load of taxi drivers are chasing after this guy who's trying his best to get away jumping over garden walls and going through the old school,then someone saw him going into the Arriva Buss Station with his coat wrapped around his arm,the people in the buss station phoned for the police and ambulance coz he was bleeding badly,when they took the coat off his arm a large piece of flesh has hanging on by a thread....
and he was arrested at the hospital and is now out on bail......All for the great sum of three pound fifty on the meter.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


One of the lads had a bit of trouble over the weekend,so decided to take the guy the police station,(we were always told,waterloo,copy lane and stanley road were 24 hour police stations) so he decides to take him to w.loo,so on the way the operator says,that may not be a 24 hour police station you may have to take him to copy lane,so another driver was in Waterloo and said he'll cheak it out,it was closed,but their is a phone outside to talk to their deskboard,so he asks "where is the nearest police station in Sefton" and guess what.............................THEIR ISENT ANY.....................ALL POLICE STATIONS IN SEFTON CLOSE AT 10PM............................
IF YOU HAVE ANY TROUBLE,PREPARE TO FIGHT????????????????????????????

Monday, December 04, 2006

LTI Reveal The New TX4

Nothing new in the body shape except for the grill,they've cut a section out the bumper to make the grill bigger (wont this mean more impact on the engine on a collision?)
The TX1 was a good sturdy cab,Japanese engine and gearbox,then they brought out the TX2,changed the engine and box to a .............................Ford...........Which was a total bag of crap,I've never heard a noisier engine in my life,then ............The TX4............Am I missing something here,what happened to the TX3?

Friday, December 01, 2006

Tuesday Night Is Nutters Night Out

Young Snellgrove told me tonight that he gets nothing but nutters on Tuesdays,he told me he picked the best one up Tuesday gone on Stanley Road and it went like this------------
Nut:Hey mate,if you were sick,would you go to the doctors?
Nut:what's wrong with you?
Nut:Well what did you go the doctors for then?
Snell:I didn't go the doctors.
Nut:You just told me that if you were sick you'd go the doctors.
Snell:yer I did,but I'm not sick,so I didn't go the doctors.
Nut:your a weirdo you mate,pull over I'm getting out.
..............................................WHAT CAN YOU SAY TO THAT,PURE CLASS............................