Saturday, December 31, 2005

Monkey Boy



Sorry,I went off on one,I was quite took back by the loss off Jimmy,so was everyone else,let's give the lad a good seeing off by everyone being their,as I've said before,I had nothing but respect for the guy,as did every one I've spoke to,have a happy new year dude's and take care..........Gaz

Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmass got cancelled

One of our star player's Jimmy Synnott passed away TODAY Christmass.going to miss you lad,CHRISTMASS will never be the same,i had all plans of doing a funny xmass speach,now i'm lost,i'll miss the full onn expressions like "fuck off knob"tears fall,and many more,totall respects.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Opp's I did it again

This is not like me but I had a bit of an accident?


Could have sworn i saw ???????

Phil McCann

All the rumors are crap that Phill doesn't clean up in the office?


Paul McCartney lookalike,but why did he want to fight Trevor on the kids night out?

Captain Chaos

Now we know were he gets his trendy gear!
MATALAN (he never saw me by the way)

Sunday, December 18, 2005


I had to throw a reject out my cab the other night,the guy flagged me over the road from Maddigans on Knowsley Rd,he says" Olivia St mate" so no sooner did I set off he says" do a right here mate"(meaning Balfour Rd which is a dead end)"its a dead end hear ye know mate"I tell him but it fell on deaf ears."why do you want to come down here" I asked "its Quicker" came the reply????????????????????????????So I think.........Here we go...................Upon getting to the end of the dead end St I say"I told you it was a dead end" and turn round to drive back.
"Your taking the piss" the guy says
"IM not taking the piss,I told you this was a dead end"
"just take me to Olivia St and stop taking the piss"
As we were approaching the corner of Knowsley Rd (again) I pointed it out .."See that corner,that's were you got in and that's were your getting out"
So I pulled up at the corner and politely say"GET OUT"
At this point the guy gets all apologetic and says"sorry about that,that was all my fault,now can you please take me to Olivia St"So looking in the mirror,I 'm looking at him and thinking ,he's no real threat so I give him the benefit of the doubt and indicate right,just as I start to pull away he says"no do a left it was that road I meant,pointing to another dead end.
At this point I lost my head and shouted"ye can't get down any of these streets,there all dead ends,GET THE FUCK OUT WILL YE"at this point the guy was pretty spooked and was flapping about looking for the door handle," do I owe you he muttered" "I DON'T WANT YOUR FUCKING MONEY JUST GET FUCKING OUT"
"No I insist on paying you lad,I've upset you and I'm sorry about that"the guy paid me and got out,there was still a lot of flags around Maddigans but I drove away empty in case they had all been drinking the same stuff?

Paddy O Farrell

This is well out of order,within hours of our mate Paddy getting his cab writ off this appeared on the notice board,I heard a rumor that the guy who did it had dyed red hair(narrows it down a bit)

Monday, December 12, 2005


I recently got a virus called W32.Chod.D and what a TW*T it was(pregnant fish to Jeff) It shut down AVG anti virus,ewido spyware detector,wouldn't let me connect to windows security centre,and when I typed it in on google,most site's that had its name said sorry this page cannot be displayed ( was one of the only sites that would work,it seemed a bit complicated at first,i had to download a RAR file,unpack it to my desktop,reboot my pc to start in safe mode(F5 on mine) run the programe then reboot as normall,sorted........ Symantec Corporate Edition never shut down,but it couldent sort it,but it gave me the name of the virus,otherwise i'd have been up shit creek without a paddle.


I walked into our office and the lads are farting around with a mobile phone that was found in a cab"hey Gary how do you get the videos up on this phone" I was asked,looking at the phone,I didn't have a clue but pretended I did,"its a gay phone" I said upon seeing a couple of young lads picture as the wallpaper,then I got it rolling,the stuff you'd see on a young lad's phone,porn,violence the likes,then a video of the lad dancing to the camera in his bedroom "told ye he was gay" I said,then things went downhill,the next video was of him choking the chicken,then the camera went to his face.............................Then someone said"who's holding the camera" then the whole thing went pearshaped and another guys head appeared and...........AAAAHHHHHHHHH we all screamed,so I tried to switch the thing off but I'd pressed options by mistake,then as I tried to correct that I pressed send,then by multimedia,then it put me into phonebook,a few names down the list said DAD...........Oops did I press SEND...............

59's cab

Spotted 59's cab in the garage,didn't look good? The one from the EYE IN THE SKY CRASH...

Monday, December 05, 2005

Taxi Drivers Xmass Night Out

Went for a pint with the lad's,someone said "alright Gaz,hpoe you havent got your camera with ye"?

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Merry Christmass