Sunday, December 17, 2006

Damned Disciples

Me and our Cath went to see the The Damned,like we've done for the last three years,Carling Academy again,this year Zombina and the Skellitors were the support band and were nothing short of brilliant,put everyone into a good mood for the main band.
Seamed like hours for the main band to come on but then i noticed it was a bit more full than usuall,the atmosphere was buzzing,the band came on and it was out of this world,this band may have been performing now for 30 years but they have still got it,we got all the old and new,Elloise,new rose,smash it up and little miss....we screamed for more and we got it,looking forward to next year!
The video i recored with my phone isent up to much but i was getting knocked about everywhere,hope it captures the moment?

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