Friday, December 01, 2006

Tuesday Night Is Nutters Night Out

Young Snellgrove told me tonight that he gets nothing but nutters on Tuesdays,he told me he picked the best one up Tuesday gone on Stanley Road and it went like this------------
Nut:Hey mate,if you were sick,would you go to the doctors?
Nut:what's wrong with you?
Nut:Well what did you go the doctors for then?
Snell:I didn't go the doctors.
Nut:You just told me that if you were sick you'd go the doctors.
Snell:yer I did,but I'm not sick,so I didn't go the doctors.
Nut:your a weirdo you mate,pull over I'm getting out.
..............................................WHAT CAN YOU SAY TO THAT,PURE CLASS............................


Anonymous said...

Hi Gazza.
Fuckin hell!!! The great British public, eh! That reminds me of when I used to work as a Caretaker in a centre for disabled adults. On day I noticed a light which seemed to be flickering a bit, and as there was an Epileptic group in (and strobing can trigger fits), I sought out the husband of one of the group members, for a second opinion. I told him I had to go do something, and wouldn't be a minute. Upon returning, I looked down the corridor and there he was, under the light with someone else - both of them looking up. When I got to 'em, this geezer turns to me and says (and I kid you not!!!) - "It's alright mate, if it was flickering the wife'd be on the floor having a fit by now".

I was catching some flies for quite a while - and picking my jaw off the floor!!!

~ DeBunkem

PS Oh yeh, my original reason for popping over was to say 'thanks' for letting me know the music weren't playing at my blog. I've just re-submitted the HTML and it seems to be fine now.
PPS If you haven't already, you might wanna check out our 'front line' blog - 'Rambling in the Weedy Shack'. The URL is:

Cheers mate!

Munther said...

Hah ! what a nut ! :D everytime I read something like that on your blog mate, I change my mind a little about visiting Liverpool ! :D

gazza27 said...

Debunkem,thanx 4 dropping by,your story is funny,i've added you's onto my links.
Munther,it's not realy that bad,but....every time i tell a mate a nutter stort,i get 1 back,but i do look for them for comedy

Anonymous said...

Pure comedy genius. You just couldn't make that up!

gazza27 said...

Jinoistic,thanks 4 dropping by,it is a class nutter,i've never come across him but i'm sure i will?