Monday, September 04, 2006


The bands first gig went off great,they got a brilliant review...from chromewaves..(

ClockworkmargaretSometimes something shows up in your inbox (or in this case, your MySpace friends requests) that out of the blue, just beguiles you. And by "you", I mean me. It's probably far too early to judge Liverpool's Clockworkmargaret - after all, they look barely out of their teens (if even that old), haven't had even a half dozen rehearsals and I think they played their first-ever gig last night. Yet they have some recorded output available on their MySpace and the one song - a cover of my possibly my favourite Elliott Smith song - is just wonderful. The sweetness of the Catherine's voice combined with her Scouse accent suits the song's delicate melody perfectly, imbueing the song with youthful innocence rather than Smith's weariness. And when Jini's harmonies come in at the very end, it's sublime. Barely two minutes long and yet it somehow breaks my heart. The original on offer is not surprisingly a good deal rougher, but still displays a lot of potential. As I said, it's probably still waaaaay too early to place bets but I'm definitely keen to hear what they do next.MP3: Clockworkmargaret - "Say Yes"MP3: Clockworkmargaret - "She"np - Early Day Miners / Offshore
posted at 09:02 AM on Sep 03, 2006 by Frank

P.S. The band also got paid 52 quid,so ClockworkMargaret are now a sucsessfull band?


Munther said...
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Munther said...

Wow thats great news gaz ! I am sure that this will be the first of many gigs ! Rock on Clockworkmargaret ! The review seems to give the band an A+ which will be encouraging for your Catherine and her band ! Congratulate the band on my behalf !

Ps. 52 pounds ? Can I borrow 'em, please ?

Munther said...

Just listened or watched the vids from the gig ! gotta tell ya mate say yes sounded GREAT ! Alabama ? I don't know why you didn't like it as much ! But it seems that up tempo songs suits them best :)

gazza27 said...

I dont know,it might have been where i was standing,it sounds a lot better on video than on the night?might of been coz it was the first song and she was getting the feal of things,great gig anyway.Your well on the guest list next time your in the U.K.

Munther said...

Cheers man ! :)

gazza27 said...

No problem lad!