Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Yet Another Nutter

Driving down Knowsley rd,a guy comes out a flat over the shops,"hey mate,my mate got shot ye know"This wasent a good start,(god help me)he tell's me he wants the garrage for sigs then the chippy,he passes me a tenner and asks"is that enough for sigs,scran and back home"not knowing the question i try and get some sence out of him while i head the garage for sigs,he tells me that a paki cunt served him and they shouldent be in our country,then he wants to go the chippy,so he starts muttering about how much im going to charge him,"will a fiver cover it"he asks as we approach the chip shop,so i tell him "its 4 pound now" so he says "drop me off here,i'll make my own way home"so he gives me a fiver say's take 4.50,so i say"nice one lad see you later"...he repies"you want see me later,ye robbing bastard" i reply"why am i a robbing bastard"
Nut:you know why
Gaz:i dont
Nut:you took me from their to here and charged me 4 quid
Gaz:yer but it's after 11,tariff 2,it starts off at 2 pound
Nut:i dont want to argue with you lad
Gaz:but you gaveme a 50p tip
Nut:i always tip taxi drivers,i'm not a dickhead ye know
Gaz:i never said you were
Nut:ive got your number anyway,im going to report you
He didnt know what day it was,so any comebacks off this loser will be a suprise?


Munther said...

hehehehehehehehehe, maaaan ! you must meet some weird people working as a Taxi Driver ! I must admit the 50p tip is amusing !

gazza27 said...

It's all in a days work lol.