Monday, September 25, 2006


Shit might hit the fan here but if there was MOWO awards,it got me thinking?


Anonymous said...

The point of the MOBOs is that the music featured come from black culture like rap and R+B. These forms of music are very popular in the UK. However, if you look at the other UK music awards shows like the BRITS the winners disproportionally come from Rock and Pop, which tend to be white dominated genres.

You could say that the BRITS is already the MOWOs.

As a matter of interest, you may like to know that the BNP have just set-up MOWOs to rival the MOBOs.

Aren't they kind.

gazza27 said...

I can see where youre coming from but the BRITS is not mowo or will ever be,to mention the bnp is....what....out of it? This is not a racist blog,so dont publish shit again and remain anon!

Anonymous said...

How rude, I wasnt suggesting this was a racist blog. I was simply pointing out that the BNP have set up a MOWO awards (as the link provided explains thoroughly). Its a bit of a leap of faith on your part to connect my mention of the BNPs MOWOs, alongside your original thought about it, to think I was calling you racist.

My "arent they kind" comment was in reference as to how their (BNPs)actions would inevitably and purposely cause friction.

As for the Brits, look at the type of artists/genres that win awards. Heres a link to nominees and winners of the 2006 event:

I appreciate you understand my point on the BRITS already being a type of MOWO awards. To explain it further for anyone else reading, take a look at the nominees and try and find many (apart from the Urban category) that could be considered of coming from black origin. Whether that be artist or music type.

gazza27 said...

I am sorry,i thought you were having a go at me,when you mentioned bnp,i just lost it,and thought you were tagging them with me,if you see where i'm coming from,sorry again,and take care!

gazza27 said...

P.S.remaining anon did nothing for you,you could have been anyone taking the piss?

Anonymous said...

Hello again, dont know whether you will spot this or not. Yeah you are right, remaining anon is not ideal I agree with you. I have never anything to do with blogs before and just searched "bootle" on a whim and you showed up, I dont have a login or anything.

I'm only down Knowsley Rd myself so some of your stories of nutcases are very amusing, and uncomfortabley close to home! Ill get a password or whatever soon.

gazza27 said...

Thanx for stopping by anyway,your always welcome,i'm originally from marsh lane,young Snellgrove is from Percy St,you have probably seen the nutters we pick up,the guy with sunglass's form Bowles St,the guy from stanley rd,(melling rd)with the tatty hair and carrier bags?take care and call again soon!

Anonymous said...

Everybody's complaining about the Mobos poor representation but how can we complain when we dont even support our own upcoming homegrown talent, I was selling Cd's in Camden about a year ago and people would ignore me as though im peddling crack! Even Dizzy didnt turn up to get his award! what a @$?*ing cheek he hasnt made a big tune since boy in the corner album (funny how he can turn up to the white mans mercury awards and where they give you money, so glad he didnt get sh*t !, @$?k dat yout) i was pissed when i saw he didnt turn up when dudes like Kano and Tinchy are on tha grind, i think he thinks he's some superstar or somethin with that WACK tune ' old skool', drifting off the point, anyway we need to start supporting our own, people wouldnt even stop to listen to my music unless 50cent was on it and all the while im thinking what the hell can you relate to with 50 apart from the fact he's black and 'Was' a hustler, we need to stop %$@*ing bitchin about the mobos and look at ourselves cos at the end of the day who can ignore an artist with the UK 100% behind his back, actually thats given me an idea for a track! look out for 'UK Behind Me!' Peace