Saturday, August 19, 2006


I was just pulling on the Yates rank at about 12.30am when I saw an old fat guy stick his hand out at the shoe market buss stop,so I thought weird fucker and took no notice,if he wanted a cab,he only had to cross the road,so I got out may cab for a gass and looking over the road the guy looked like he had a torch in his hand,(must be his mobile phone I thought)about half an hour later I'm heading back to Yates,when I see Luke pulling away from the weird guy and joined the Yates rank,so I had to ask didn't I ?"what went on their Luke" he says "the guys a fucking nutter,he flagged me,so I pulled over,he walked in front of my cab,shone a torch at my number plate and said"I've got your number,I was only looking at my watch""


Munther said...

hehehe ... Man I have to visit liverpool in my next trip to the UK ! hehehe

gazza27 said...

I'd keep well away if i was you,a mate of a mate who works around the world said "their isnt as many nutters ANYWHERE as their is in Liverpool" be worned! young lad..LOL