Friday, August 11, 2006


This is my
daughters new
band,they've just
recorded a
cover version of
Elliot Smith's
Say Yes,if anyone
would like to hear
it email me and
i'll send it THANX


Munther said...

Send me a copy mate ! wow first song ---> international already ! lol what is the band called again ?

gazza27 said...

Send me your email address lad,the band's called ClockworkMargaret LOL.

Munther said...

thumbs up mate ! tell them that maybe they don't have fans in the UK yet but they went international already ! :)

I think there is potential and if they get sponsoured that would be great :)

All the best for your daughter & her band ! Keep me updated with thier new MP3s once the become available !

btw could you delete my email in the previous comment ! Don't want no spam (but I sure could do with a sandwich):) :P