Tuesday, August 08, 2006


My first night back,I only pick a top class lune up,I was sitting outside The Cat and Fiddle when a guy gets in my cab,I was thinking he didn't look too clever,and he asks to go to Toxteth.......Driving up parliament Street I asked him where abouts he wanted,the conversation went like this...................
Gaz: Where do you want mate.
Nut: Granby Street.
Gaz: O.K. (so I pull into Granby St)
Gaz: Where abouts do you want mate:
Nut: Granby St
Gaz: your in Granby St,where abouts
Nut: just here,how mutch do I owe you
Gaz: 11 pound
Nut: I haven't got it,I've only got a fiver
Gaz: what do you mean you haven't got it
Nut: I haven't got it
Gaz: well your going to have to get it then aren't you
Nut: but I haven't got it
Gaz: well I'll have to take you the police station then
Nut: just let me go
Gaz; I'll tell you what,I'll take you back to Bootle (at this point,talking turns to shouting and swearing,and the guy tries to get out the cab, so I did a uturn and started driving back,looking in the mirror,the guy regains composure and sits back and looks out the window,like nothings happened,so now I'm thinking...The guy's a total lunatic....Get the fucker out...I pull over and said "get out" and he got out and walked away without a care in the world (the opposite way to where he wanted by the way) so I drove back in bewildered thinking.......This is what I missed most about this Job.


Munther said...

hehe gaz mate ! five stars for this post, what a way to start work after your hols ! hehehe

gazza27 said...

LOL,episodes like this are are always funny after they've happpened,but at the time it can be quite scarey.

ByronB said...

Great to be home again, eh? Bet you've missed all this!

gazza27 said...

Keeps me on my toes as they say(i dont know what this means but it sounds good)i'm sure my cabs got a sign on it saying "nutters and arseholes this way"i'm getting past the dont care anymore stage.lol