Monday, March 19, 2007

You Watch What.......

Because of my job,i don't see much of everyday TV,so what i do is get into a TV serial and download the complete series,then i can watch an episode when i get in from work,most of these shows are shown in the USA many weeks b4 we get them,i was hooked on Invasion,but in the USA they show about 12 episodes then take a break for about 3 months(why do they do that) then the big let down,it was supposed to go to series 2 but got cancelled ........AHHHHHHH

Heroes,this is x-men type of stuff,starts off a bit slow,introducing characters and how they develop their power,but it is way past cool !

Then Lost,episode 1 was great the special effects were out of this world,(a cyber Friend is into it big time)series 1 went cool,series 2 told you a lot more,then series 3,still no better off,I'm losing heart with this now!

Supernatural,is cool but you don't really have to watch them in order,about 2 ghost buster brothers,searching for the demon that killed their mother.

Now finally what I've got into big time is Day Break,it's about a guy relives the same day(like groundhog day)who has been framed for murder and takes different paths each day to try and see who framed him?

Their may be more but you's may think i'm a serial killer lol.(thank you for watching?)


gpw said...


One of the reasons for only a couple of months is most US Networks request up to 13 weekly episodes. And during that time they evaluate the ratings and markets and ifthe show in not doing well - out comes the AXE.

In the touch US market it is really hard to to make it now a days.

It also depends on the actual time and day of week too. As a general rule Friday Nights and Saturday nights are the worst. As most people are out... Sunday night is Family night goodtv and Monday to Thursday is PRime.

Hope thishelps a bit

Garry from Calgary

gpw said...

Oh ya why do they break for about 3 months, mainly becasue of summer break, winter Xmas and and special airings or news specials extra.

They could be fliming new episodes and after getting the green light that could also take time..

So lots of facters to take into consideration.

We find it so so fustrating too
Heaven furbit there be a potitical or sports thing on IE: Oplymics or Cups series IE: Hockey that could take a month or two of playoffs.

I could go on.

gazza27 said...

Thanx for clearing that up Garry,i agree,it is fustrating,i looked at the Heroe's website and it looks like episode 19 is the last one (for series 1 anyway) and we have to wait for it? Invasion must have had a bad time setting ,i thought it was boss,let me know of any other good series mate,i'll email you soon,later la