Thursday, March 01, 2007

My Top 10

1: The Damned-Smash It Up. (my favourite song of all time long intro then the quick change of tempo)
2:The Undertones Teenage Kicks. (a masterpiece)
3:Oasis-Stop Crying Your Heart Out.
4:Eric Clapton-Tears In Heaven.
5:Pigbag-Papa's Got A Brand New Pigbag. (didnt need words,)
6:Devo-Mongoloid. 7:The Ramones-R.A.M.O.N.E.S. (they played this at their last gig with Lemmy from Moterhead)
8:Green Day-Blitzkrieg Bop.( Ramones cover,but i think they pulled it off)
9:Led Zeplin-Stairway To Heaven. (Timeless classic,our Tracy plays this boss on the guitar)
10:Queen-It's A Kind of Magic. (Loved this song and the film Highlander.)
And that's it,so much more,Sex Pistols,The Cramps,Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster,The Mighty Wah,Buzzcocks,Clash,Trex, BowieTalking heads could have made it my 20 easily.
So now i'll tag


tooners said...

love your list! you have some great ones here including Tear From Heaven. that touches my heart every time i hear it!! and the thought of why he wrote it... i guess that's the kicker!

i also love Stairway to Heaven and Queen... well, i love their music. also love Devo. was a huge fan of them years ago and still love Whip It!! :)

Munther said...

Nice list mate, I also love stairway to heaven ! You never get sick of the led, would ya ? :)

gazza27 said...

Tooners,that claplon song,i know where your coming from,they re-released it for a local lad called James Bulger who got abducted and murdered,about 14 years ago so i get a lump in my throte when i hear it.

I loved whip it by Devo,but it was one of them songs i played the arse out of it till i got sick of it...Joko homo....still good?

gazza27 said...

Munther, Stairway to heaven is my party piece,in the summer in our back garden,bbq going guitars out,me singing.............(may be bad)

tooners said...

so... do you play a air guitar too?? :) when singing Stairway to Heaven??

not sure that i've heard joko homo... but maybe i have and just don't know it.

Jingoistic said...

ah I'm a bit busy at the mo' but I'll get to that tag soon....

Eric Clapton... Good taste!

gazza27 said...

tooners,you'd have to hear it to apriciate it(not)but in my ears its good?
Youve heard joko homo (are we not men,we are devo)

gazza27 said...

Jingo,i'd love to hear your top 10 ?

ByronB said...

I'll have to duck out of this one - I haven't listened to any pop music since my teens.

I do have a very nice cd of Rossini's overtures, which I play loudly whenever I get fed up with all the stupid chatter in the office. Drowns it out and cheers me up at the same time!

gazza27 said...

Get off it byronb,you only left school last summer!

violetforthemoment said...

Well done for settling on 10, I find it impossible whenever anyone asks me this kind of thing. Enjoying the blog by the way.

gazza27 said...

Well thank you Violet,i couldent tag u for it could i? coz u like joy division and the clash,visit your blog soon.

violetforthemoment said...

Ooh, there's me getting no work done all week then, I'm going to have to have a proper ol' think about this one!

gazza27 said...

take your time girl,no hurry!