Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Tony The Tiger

This guy is weird,rumors going round he was in a coma once for a few months,anyway,he's a part time driver(got a day job works the cab Thurs- Sun)so Saturday Young Harry the operator blows out anyone handy the office to change a tyre for Tony,he'd already been in the office and said"I've got a flat tyre" and Harry said "so" so we all forgot about him coz nowone likes him any way,the after a while we get the same message "anyone handy the office to change a tyre for Tony" then unbelievable someone offers to do it,came down the office and changed Tony's tyre while he stands their and watches????????I used to be a tyre fitter and I was thinking that he wanted a new tyre fitting onto a rim and was going to offer my helping hand,lucky I didn't,coz if I'd had turned up and saw he only wanted his wheel changing coz he had a flat and didn't want to get his hands dirty I would have had to give him a slap................... That is taking the Piss?


ByronBring said...

Probably lost a few brain cells while he was in the coma - you call him Tony the Tiger, but he's really Zargon the Great from planet Zonk! :)

gazza27 said...

I think he is a space cadet lol.

Munther said...

What ? This is out of order ! How on earth did he get somebody to help him ? What a tit ! Why do the call him tony the tiger anyway ? Should be called tony the tit in my opinion !