Monday, November 06, 2006

Nine Wierd Things About Me

Byronb tagged me for this?
1: I'm not a morning person,i work nights,sometimes getting home at 5am,then i get up at 8.30 to run ppl to work,school,so i'm pretty grumpy in the morning!i'm O.K. after a few more hours kip!
2: I speak my mind,if someone starts telling lies,i'll say "shut up you lying bastard"
3: I'm easily bored,if someone starts telling me a story and it goes on too long i'll sart closing my eyes and nodding my head like i'm falling asleep.
4: If i dont like a person and they start telling me a story i'll ask "is this going to take long"
5: I only wear glasses at night,my eyesight's O.K. in the daytime,it's a bit Clarke Kent,ppl who know me dont recognise me in the cab?
6: i eat with my fork in my right hand,this bothers other ppl more than it bothers me?
7: We have 2 family cat's who hate me,when my mrs opens the back door they run towards her,when i open it they start running then stop in their tracks when they see it's me,i think its down to me trying to catch them when going on holliday and the screaming while im trying to get them into cat box's while their slashing my arms?
8: I love my bed,i try and stay in it as long as i can,i hate it to look girl'y,women always make the bed to look girl'y.
9: cycling,i love rideing my bike,it's my birthday soon and i'm going to tap my mrs 4 a new bike,full suspention... as ye do
So Their's my nine.
I Tag Munther and Khalid


ByronBring said...

So if you were got out of your bed first thing in the morning by a bloke dressed in a cat suit who gave you a long winded story about how he accidentally crushed your bicycle with his car, you wouldn't be best pleased?

tooners said...

i wish i could say something to liars. there's one person that i know, she lies all the time, thinking that you're stupid, i guess. i wish i could say straight out "you're a liar" but then, she'd prob deny it. i can't stand ppl who lie.

so you eat w/ your right hand? interesting. so why do ppl have a prob w/ it? cuz it's so american? you know, that's how i thought i could always tell the difference between ppl when in a large crowd of americans and brits and such... by the hand they used to eat w/... now, i'll have to be more careful not to assume anything! :)

here's to you getting that bike for your bday! i love to ride and only wish there were some great places in bahrain to ride. i miss that about the states.

gazza27 said...

Byronb,i cant think of anything worse to piss me off than that lol.
Tooners,their is a boss liar at work who wont tell me any lies anymore(dont know why)so i have to get his lies second hand lol,you educated me their i didnt know Americans eat that way,I've spotted the bike i want,you'll have one in a couple of years Tooners with a baby seat on the back?

tooners said...

now... i'd love to have a bike like that! only wish the weather wasn't so dang hot during the summer months to ride, altho you see ppl all the time here riding and running in the hot temps. but the spring months, which are upon us, are perfect for riding. interestingly enough, you don't see a lot of expats on bikes, other than indians and pakistanis. they seem to be the only ones taking to the bikes.

Munther said...

hehehe And I accept your tag ! I'll post em on our blog ! hehehe cool list mate now lets see if I can top that ! :)

gazza27 said...

Tooners. it'l be easier than you think,bit of sun block,i love going for a jog,never on holl's though,break into a sweat thinking about it in hot countries? Munther,how did the trip go?hope you had a good time.