Thursday, November 30, 2006


Driving down Knowsley Road (again) I see Snellys cab parked up and slow down to see if he's ok,"Gaz theirs a young girl getting a hiding here" he tells me so I do a uturn park behind him while he sees if the girl is ok,I hadn't even got out my cab when I see a police van opposite so I give a beep to get Snells attention and point to the police van,so,while the police are sorting it out,Snell comes over to tell me what happened,turns out it was just two teenagers having a scrap,then something attracts my attention to my passenger window,a small scrawny smackhead looking guy doing a mongey laugh,"what does the smackhead want" I ask,"dunno"then the walks round"what's happening"he asks,so snell says"a young girls just been battered and someone phoned the police so it's all underhand now"then the guy says "my mate got shot ye know(he mentioned his name but I forgot coz I wasn't interested)".The look on Snells face was a picture as his jaw dropped and said"did he" this started me laughing as I'd met this guy b4 and knew he was a crackpot,"I'll see ye later Gaz"snell tells me and gets in his cab,so the loon starts telling me more crap,"he's a so and so (pointing at Snell)and I've got both your reg's,I know the (gangsters name I've never heard of)they love me" "that's smashin that lad" I tell him as I start to turn my steering wheel to drive away,so I gave the guy a little hand gesture,the police were laughing at him as well.


ByronBring said...

Blimey, it sounds as though you've got OUR share of looneys up there as well! :)

gazza27 said...

I'v another three to write about,i've started to take a pdi to work now to catch up on my writing lol.