Monday, January 02, 2006

Something TO Look Forward Too

What Mystic Meg predicts for 2006
STARGAZER Mystic Meg has been peeking into her crystal ball—and she promises some major surprises in the New Year.
She can see aliens making contact, a royal wedding, a royal engagement and a new island coming out of the sea. Here's what she predicts for 2006...
because Jupiter in Scorpio will protect and give luck to the England team. Scorpio Wayne Rooney scores and remains injury-free and while Libra Peter Crouch may come on for only 10 minutes he'll score a winner.

We'll have at Easter, then a scorching summer that lasts until November in Britain. But in the US George Bush gets snowed in—during the summer—and starts to take the environment more seriously.
will be lovers in 2006 and for ever, as Meg reveals they've been together in five past lives.
TONY BLAIR writes a farewell speech as Venus makes this his year of changes. But there's a rival for Gordon Brown and rows behind closed doors.
ALIENS transmit from their planet to ours, proving that there is life out there.

Extensions for stubby fingers and jabs to plump up scrawny hands are the new crazes in 2006.

ISLAND appears out of the sea near Australia.

PASSION all year. Watch out for Britney Spears and Kate Moss who both have new relationships.
A lost DICKENS story found in a Victorian desk in Huddersfield is a publishing smash.

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