Friday, January 20, 2006


Hi Charley Cheswick here again, I believe you robbing taxi drivers have got a meter rise today. baldy fred said don't put mine up 20p put it up £20 and then grins with his ridiculous thunderbird bady face. Fred a word of advice your jokes aren't funny, your not funny, and your theiving of the public is not funny. The only reason people laugh at you is because you look like the baddie off the thunderbirds. oh yeah and you've got a bum bag. (tit)Did you also know that young Snellgrove had a mental black out on Sunday morning and is still recovering family and friends where quite worried yesterday but I can't help but to see the funny side. He started hearing voices in his head like that Derick ghost fella. So if you want to speak to any dead relatives crack Snelly on the head and watch him freak out again and then spill the beans on where your grandads fortune is


gazza27 said...

I dont know who this guy is but he can email me any time?

B.A. said...

Email you any time? Hell, he can be a writer for the Washington Post...he's THAT good! ;)