Monday, January 16, 2006

January 2006

New year new look blog!(too narrow)xmass didn't go too good with the sad loss of our mate Jimmy Sinnott,great turnout for his funeral,our thoughts go out for his Mrs,Chris,and his family.So lets look forward to the new year,Mystic Meg has already told us First Contact and England winning the world cup,pity she couldn't see one of her eyes bogging out,the stupid fucking cow.Pete Burns going into the Big Brother House(for our continental readers,Pete is not a typical scoucer) He's a bitch (funny though).
Loads of new keep fit DVD's came out for the new year,so hears my new year get fit scam,eat less and exercise more you fat bastards(get my drift)


B.A. said...

Gazza, sorry to hear about your mate sounds like he had a lot of friends and he'll be sorely missed.

Is that a picture of "Mystic Meg"? I have a prediction for her: someone her age shouldn't bother with highlights.

Hey, thanks for the link...the new page layout looks great! Hope your new year is a good one.

gazza27 said...

The pic is of a guy called Pete Burns,who was famous for a record called "you spin me rite round" in the 80's,now he's famous for having lip's made out of babies foreskins.....ewwwwwwwww.

B.A. said...

I wish you hadn't told me that...yeeecccchhhh!

gazza27 said...

sometimes its not best to know the truth,i'd hate Mick Dundee to meet him?