Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Hiya people,I got in touch with my solicitors today about the letter of liability I received yesterday,and he told me it was nothing to worry about,just the other police man in the passenger seat trying it on,and him not being able to enjoy his holiday in Corfu?What can I say,my heart bleeds for the guy,and as for-I) Failed to head or act upon the red traffic signal- ii) Drove to fast- iii) Failed to allow precedence to the other vehicle which was traveling through a green light- iv) Failed to act upon the warning lights and sirensof the police vehicle- v) Failed to take any adequate care for the safety of the claimant, thus exposing him to a foreseeable risk of injury. ------WHAT-------- I didn't realize I was such a knobhead ? I'll drive more safely in the future officer,Honest? Maybe the two police guys don't get on with each other and they are both claiming of each other?

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