Wednesday, September 14, 2005


IM sure this story has been twisted to be funnier but here goes, I hear Luke was in metros office about to go on holiday to his caravan in Spain,people were saying Luke shouldn't you be going?When he eventually left I heard Peggy's father drove them,who is 77 years old,there was a bit of road works and diversions,but when they got to Blackpool instead of Manchester things got a bit worrying. Eventually when they got to Manchester the flight had already boarded,but Luke was insisting to be let on,saying he was going to sue them,the girl tells him you are too late,the best I can do is give you a free flight in the morning. Free sas Luke I've already paid,No you've missed that flight you paid for and I don't have to give you anything.So Luke and Peggy had to stay in the airport overnight but, hey they got there in the end?
Spoke to Luke,said he's not telling what really happened coz as ye know(famouse quote here)(the truth is nowere near as funny).................................(thats my line by the way)

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