Monday, September 05, 2005


This is how it goes,a deaf guy flagged me the other side of Yates,nothing wrong with stopping for deaf people?So the young guy gives me sighns for pen and paper, to which I oblige! He writes down something that I cat read?So I look him in the face so that he can lip read and say,that is shit?start's again ?The same?(What do you Do with a deaf and dumd pissed guy)It's easy to say drag him out?In the mean time Steven 49 pulled up and was asking if I was OK,as well as Elton John,who said" do ye want him out" (before he knew he was d&d) (and he looked about 6 stone) then Billy 80 says "ca you bring him around to Marsh Lane Police Station" thinking that he's had a word, I drive round,Billy's on the phone of the police door(IT'S CLOSED AFTER 11PM)I have a word with the guy he tells me,police stations closed,my nearest is Stanley Road (Kirkdale) or Walton Lane!In the mean time I get pissed off and decide to drag the lad out my cab so he's the police problem,on doing this the lad crosses his legs,puts his head forward and goes asleep!Upon driving away I get a guilty conscience,and go back,then lucky enough a police car pulls up, I got out tell them the script and they say fine,leave him with us??????????

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