Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Phill McCann's Storys

You must all now be familliar with the story of old John Doyle phoning Pete Price(althogh,the chinaman asked his dad about it and he knew nothing)so here it goes
Pete price was supposedly talking about drugs when JD phoned
JD:Hello,i dont agree with drugs.
PP:Do you smoke,
PP:Then you take drugs.
JD:I dont.
PP:Do you drink tea?
PP:Then you take drugs
JD:I dont.
PP:DO you drink?
PP:Then you take drugs,
JD:Listen lar,i drive a bit of a taxi for metro cabs and they send you to an adress in bootle and when you get there they say we havent orderd a cab,so ye drive round to the office and there all flying round the ceiling.....................(LOL)

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