Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Is Stretch Gender Confused

We all know about Billy 80 wearing his birds pj's(yes the one's with penguins on skateboards)well it seems Steve has gone one better,on holliday the young man went to have a game of bingo on his own(would ye)and also when complaining about being too hot went and put his birds bikini bottoms on(i mean to say).
I think this story is a windup started by his Mrs but I'll leave in on for it's comedy value.
Even if it is just a wind-up about the bikini,going on your own to play bingo is really GAY...
Ste Ready told me that this is genuine cos Clair(strech's mrs)told him,so their ye ye go Stretch you do trap two???????????

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wuss said...

yes but stretch looked better in the bikini than**** maybe