Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mischief Night

While i got through last night virtually untouched(got a small metal odject lashed at me also an egg thrown that missed) some drivers wernt as lucky,Steven off 87 got hit with 11 eggs and a large baking potatoe,the police were out in force and did a wonderfull job,but.....operation TROGAN.....the police borrowed a cab,1 driving and 4 in the back and were verry hard to get in touch with,and when they were in touch with our office they said "we're just monitering the situation and when we see anything we'll radio through for unformed police" and by that time the kids were off. So we'll have to wait for a report to see if their was any prossecutions?


ByronB said...

There's no shortage of food if the yobbos go slinging grub around like that.

Trouble is, if the kids know there are police around undercover, it becomes a challenge to them. Any ideas about how to lure them somewhere else, or give them something to occupy their feeble wits for an evening?

gazza27 said...

In my day,a crack round the head sorted me out,cant do that now?

tooners said...

how come you can't give them a crack on the head? are their tough laws in the UK now about hitting kids or something?

how many nights w/ the cops take to the cars trying to find these kids? was it only a one night thing? sounds like they need to be out patrolling in some cabs for many days on end. if they don't do something, i think any hope of changing this will end.

i agree w/ you, i think a lot of these kids will end up in jail. i read recently that the UK was thinking of putting criminals/jailbirds on ships in the sea. apparently these ships can hold up to 700 ppl - i guess the jails are full there.

have you heard this?

tooners said...

i meant, how many nights will the cops take to the cabs trying to catch these kids?

gazza27 said...

I think the cops were only out two days and thats it now,i've heard of the jail ships, sounds like a good idea,their are already two prisons within a four mile radius by us,and you cant keep building more jails?