Wednesday, October 04, 2006

File Share

Shareaze,limewire,morpheus,kazza the list goes on,we all use em (or do we) what one do you use,i once got told to use emule,no virus's,all movies top quality,ploblem was,slow as fuck.......when you told ppl,who recomenede it ,they'd say"do u think thats slow?"when u download a movie,you want it that day at least?i keep on hearing ,dont use limewire,its full of virus's,same with kazza,but,what if you know what your doing,and you have a good anti virus that will stop any shit entering your pc,we all know its against the law!(but some of us might still do it)with high speed broadband,who's going to know if you download a song in seconds then switch it off,keep it running all day and you could be traced?or could you?


Munther said...

Used them all , But I'd have to say each one is good for something:

1-emule: good for books, engineering software (or any software really).

2- kazaa: used to be good for everything

3- ares: good for music

4- limewire: Currently use this one

5- Bitcomet: torrent based one good for everything but takes a bit of time to download.

6- Rapidshare: good http based file transfer protocol, good for everything but you have to find good portals (referencing sites)

gazza27 said...

I've got Shareaza,whitch is going downhill with fake's,Limewire and Emule which is a last resort !