Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I've picked this weirdo up twice now,the first time I ditched him at a bank(hole in the wall) this time I picked him up at Yate's,he mumbled he wanted to go to a garage,dropped him off,he was their for age's,got back in the cab,then wanted to go back the Strand for a cash machine,(where he got in by the way)so,takes him back,he gets a tenner out,back to the same garage,where I see a driver who was there when I last pulled inn,he gives me an empty look and walks over as the crank goes back in the garage,the (cab) driver tells me that when he was in their the crank had tried to buy 10 cigs on his credit card an the raki knobed him off,so when I get him home the clock was on 8.25 so he gave me the change from his cigs which was 7.10,then he starts muttering ,must be more,must be more,then pulls out his wallet and has at least 60 quid in it?Strange guy to say the least.
I've only ever picked up 2 people who wore sunglasses at night,both were crank's (like i have to tell ye)


Anonymous said...

hello mr taxi person i am deeply offended that you think i'm a weirdo because i wear sunglasses. when the sun is no more and we all live in darkness there will be no light and we will all wear sunglass

gazza27 said...

Hiya Snell!