Monday, May 01, 2006

Trevor Jones Is Innocent

Trevor and a gang of taxi day men (I think) went of to the Southport area to do a spot of clay pigeon shooting for charity,being a bit thirsty the lad's went for a drink or two in Southport town centre (I don't know how to tell you this but the people from Southport don't really like the people from Liverpool) so they get the beers in,and one of the lads notices his glass was dirty,so he goes back the bar and says,"excuse me but can you change this for me please ,the glass is dirty" but the barman goes off on one and says "its only condensation and your dirty hands" and an argument erupts and the barman phones the police. A police man asks "what's going on" and Trevor (who wouldn't harm a fly by the way) says "listen all's that happened was" doing so put his hands on the copper, who then grabbed Trev's hands twisted them round his back,cuffed him and took him away to the cells.
Then Big George (from Kirby) (also known as gorgeous George) piped up and says "that was well out of order that" but the other lad's said "nar it was funny as fuck" then George comes up with an idea! "we should all go down to Southport police station,wreck the place and spring Trev" to which all the lads had a good laugh and George fell asleep, waking up about a hour later,George went off on one and thought the lads were still laughing at him (they probably were) and stated picking chairs and tables up and threw them around, breaking windows and doors,so...............The police were called again,this time they said "not you's scousers again" and took George away (I don't know if his plan was to spring Trev from the inside like Prison Break)but anyway I heard they could chat to each other through the wall's all night....Which cant be a bad thing?
(I saw Trev and asked him"whats all this about you assaulting a policeman" he laughed it off and said "ye but, they didn't have an easy night,putting up with me trying to boot the door down all night"..................TOTALL RESPECTS...............LOL

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