Monday, February 13, 2006

Kenny's Non Payers

Kenny had the misfortune of picking up a loser,when getting the tit home,he walked into his house and never came back out,so getting a bit concerned,kenny gives a knock on the door,the guy's wife answers and says he's got no money.So Kenny says "well that's ok,I'll get the police"the bitch says "do that"So Kenny goes back to his cab and uses his radio to get the police,the police want his mobile number and say there on the way out,in the meantime the bitch comes out and throws the money in Kenny's face.Kenny gets off after about 20 mins!Then out of the blue gets a phone call off the police saying"fuckinghell lad you's have to put up with some shit,that woman's attitude fucking stunk,and she admitted throwing the money in your face,so we gave her a 80 pound Anti Social behavior fine".......WOW .....How goods that?
144 Harris Drive (I'll try for a photo of the house)


gazza27 said...

Got them?

Anonymous said...

its harris dr

gazza27 said...

Sorry,it is Harris Drive

gazza27 said...

But i love a happy ending?