Thursday, February 23, 2006


Last xmas 2004 I bought a DVD recorder from ASDA (WALLMART) I thought it was the bees knees then it all went downhill and packed inn,I paid 140 squid 4 it but when I took it back in March 2005 it had gone down to 120 squid,so the lady on the help desk,who was very friendly asked if I wanted another one,I said yes and was given a 20 pound refund.......And a 12 month warranty........Who was I to complain?But I noticed the lady didn't check the DVD recorder......It was a 4Kus and was a piece of crap,it was ok for recording half hour shows but when it got hot it missed frames,Luke told me the ASDA had a new line in DVD recorders called cyberhome for 68 squid,so I dug my receipt out took the old one back,got an exchange another 12 months warranty and 50 quid in my arse pocket,that's why I'm writing this,getting pissed on Stella while you's losers are out working the road,get my drift.......ow by the way it plays avi,divx,the likes......Slater Lids


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Thanx,fan club again,must say though impressed by this machine!