Monday, December 12, 2005


I recently got a virus called W32.Chod.D and what a TW*T it was(pregnant fish to Jeff) It shut down AVG anti virus,ewido spyware detector,wouldn't let me connect to windows security centre,and when I typed it in on google,most site's that had its name said sorry this page cannot be displayed ( was one of the only sites that would work,it seemed a bit complicated at first,i had to download a RAR file,unpack it to my desktop,reboot my pc to start in safe mode(F5 on mine) run the programe then reboot as normall,sorted........ Symantec Corporate Edition never shut down,but it couldent sort it,but it gave me the name of the virus,otherwise i'd have been up shit creek without a paddle.


B.A. said...

Right, thanks for the info. I hope you won't be insulted if I don't open any email attachments you happen to send...text is good enough, eh?

I'm working on another documentary; this one is about the mansions in Newport. We got yelled at for taking video inside. Apparently pictures are absolutely verboten.

gazza27 said...

oops,sorry,i never thoght about that,carless of me.why cant you take pictures?a bit secret squirell init?

B.A. said...

Not as much as they want to sell their shitty picture books and DVDs of the place.

The tour paths are cleverly designed to force you to walk through the gift shop before getting to the exit. If the place was on fire, you'd have to buy a fucking picture postcard before they let you out!