Wednesday, October 05, 2005


THELAST FEW WEEKS MY PC HAS BEEN LAID UP A BIT,RUNNING SLOW,COPYING DVD'S TOOK FOREVER,IM GOING TO TAKE YOU'S THROUGH THE PROCEDURE OF SORTING OUT YOUR PC? this for free Ad-aware?Also spybot works with this some find some that the other miss's As well as using windows firewall (sp2 only) zonealarm will work with it also finally you need an anti virus cheacker All these are free and as good as the stuff you pay for so be safe?


B.A. said...

Yeah, Ad-Aware is a good program; free, too! Just be sure to update the definition file when it asks, or it'll miss the latest spyware programs.

And I have a suggestion; every time I visit your blog, it loads the WHOLE thing! Can you change your preferences so it only displays 20 or 30 posts on the page? The older posts will still be viewable by clicking on the month link.

Norbury Travel said...
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gazza27 said...

No sooner said than done Bob,took me a while to suss it.