Saturday, February 03, 2007

Neil's Gone (Got Another Job)

We have now lost one of our best stars(?)Neil had some great stories and i'm going to miss him now he's left,but he did go out with a bang,i may have to start another blog coz of his many stories,heres his las one and i'll update it when i have time,Young David (gadget)who drives metro 2,was talking to John alpha 8 about vintage planes when Neil walks down the rank and joins them Dave says "i was in the R.A.F. cubs when i was a kid and my dad paid for us to go on a trip where we went up in a vintage cargo plane,it was the trip of a lifetime" then Neil butt's in "my auld fella used to fly them"John an Dave look at each other with a look of disbelief,"yer he used to fly them over the jungle and crash them (WHAT) but they had no engines in them" John getting a bit curious asks "how did he fly them if they had no engines" Neil explains,"he used to get towed into the air then they'd unhook him so he would crash into the jungle (as ye do).............You might think this story is a bit far fetched.......if i had to crash vintage planes I'd opt for the desert or the sea....certainly not the jungle....I'm going to email this to Dave and get his side of the story.


Munther said...

hehehe towed into the air and crash them into the jungle ! hehehe reading this post made my day, thanks for putting a smile on my face mate ! now lets go and kick some bluenose arse this lunchtime !

Munther said...

hold on ! Did your mate pass away ?

gazza27 said...

No,sorry about that Munther,it did look like that with the time of your life vid (a mates mother passed away)Neil lives to lie another day lol.