Sunday, April 02, 2006

An E-Mail off Steven 64

Hi Gaz, It's true I'm afraid.After flagging Snelly on Saturday some clown tried to pull me out of his cab claiming it was his.After words and blows where exchanged(I didn't throw the first one by the way) referee Snelly sorted it ouy with some calming words "Eh lad fuck off we look after our own here you know" How sad is this I'm 46yrs old and the last fight I had was in the playground when someone pinched my sweets.Most embarrasing thing though it was in full view of one of our drivers,my wife and 11yr old daughter. Cue loads of apollogies to Snelly and my daughter.My wife just looked at me and said"I know it wasn't your fault but grow up you tit."

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gazza27 said...

I did'nt think Steven had to explain himself,but it was nice of him,we dont think any the worse of him if not better,if it was me i'd of said to Snell "he just said you are a knobhead" so Snell would crack him as well....LOL