Sunday, March 26, 2006


Where do I start,so much happened this weekend,Ray (98 I think) had one of his back windows smashed by a girl(cough) it seems it was about 3 o clock,Stanley Road was heaving,so ray got a flag,pulled over and 3 lads got in his cab, a touthless girl walked over to him and said that's not on is it while ray looked around he saw the girls mate had got a taxi and said look your mates got one their,I'll show you she said and threw a bottle threw his window,Ray blew for assistance then they went after the girl,end of the day she got arrested and will get charged.
Then last night Albi went on the piss,later in the night the Paki was asking if there was anyone around Hatton Hill Road to get Albi out of Tommy Towtrucks cab,it appears that Albi wanted to fight the driver and gave him a crack (through the window while the driver was still in his cab) I ask ye....What's going on? Did he go off on one because his beloved football teem Everton got beat by Liverpool 3-1 and Nevill scored a great header own goal,at the end of the day,it's only a game!
Ow and by the way a little bird told me that Steven 64,a new driver had a fight in the back of a cab......(e-mail me Ste)
Albi's saying the driver of the cab drove like a prick(dont we all)and a member of his party fell off the seat(thats being pissed in my books) there is seat belts in all cabs now(not that anyone wears them) but if you fall off your seat when your not wearing one...(it's your own fault)

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