Tuesday, June 14, 2005


The Wetherby Hillbillies

On the taxi drivers, racing day out to Thirsk, we where all amused by the Clampet stile antics of Mr+Mrs Stretch on the way home from Wetherby. Smooching on the coach, slobbering pizza on the coach but best of all having a big fight and then going there separate ways. This next song is a tribute to their antics so stay tuned for the Wetherby Hillbillies.

Now, let me tell you story ‘bout a man name stretch
A poor taxi driver but he kept his family fed
Then one night he’s in the chippy for some food
And off fucked his bird on another booze cruise

Baccy that is, golden Virginia!

Next thing ye know young stretch says to Clare
I ain’t makin money from me petty taxi fare
They say down the Carlton is the place you want to be
For the lot’in loot’in sellin of your packs of L an B!!!
Don’t come back now D’ye hear!

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