Monday, April 18, 2005


Our new mate(?) Goonerman was impressing the lads about birds,cars ye know?Guy things when a kidda car pull on the back of the Yates rank,the lads say to Gooner "that's out of order,parking on our rank" the Gooner does no more than walks over to the guy to have a word,they guy says to Gooner F*** Off,so Gooner does as he's told,a police car passes and the lads wind Gooner up again,so like a knob,he flags the police car down and says to the copper,move that fella off our rank please mister,the copper says "nothing to do with us mate,get in touch with sefton council,in the mean time,the fella who was parked there walks out and see's Gooner talking to the plod,and says"i i their ye f***ing grass" to which Gooner replies,i didn't grass,bowed his head and walked away?
I got asked 3 times on Sat if i'd take six,must be new drivers coz i don't,neither does any self respecing drivers,I also cot threatened by some Knobhead coz i wouldn't take six from south rd to rimrose vally,told me he took steroids,cant argue with that can ye?

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