Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Elton knocks over a pedestrion

It took me by surprise when i heard the goss that Elton leveled a pedestrion on boxing day,as i had worked that night?must have been on my break?well the story i heard the guy came out of the sports bar,walked straight into the road without looking.rite into Elton(who is known to take drugs)and put the guy flat out!soIan Swanny's cousin,Neil was passing the other side,stopped to see what was going on,saw the guys mates were kicking off and decided to stay in his cab,when asked about it he said"fuck that,they were big fellas them" where do you go from their,i ask myself???????
Kenny had a minor yellow 1 which i turned up for as well as the dude,but it was 2 young lads,so when we got there they couldent say sorry enough times,so i acted hard on them(as ye do)and Kenny got paid and all was well.....................

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