Friday, December 24, 2004

Christopher Arthor Snellgrove

Young Snell strikes again,getting a flag from the merton,his passenger informs young Snell he would like to go to City Rd,being a bit worse for wear his passenger decides to take a small nap on the way.Upon waking up on City Rd,but arriving from the opposite direction fron Bootle the guy say's,"next time take me the shortest way".This sentance sent our friend Snell a bit A.W.O.L. to which he replied"shut the fuck up knobhead i'm taking you back"which took his passenger by surprise(as it would)so he came back with"O.K. i'm sorry can i just pay you now and get out""no you cant and if you open your mouth again i'll jump in the back and give you a crack"so Snell blows through and says"Anyone handy to watch my back while i throw a knobhead out my cab"so the guy was brought back to Bootle and extracted from his cab.Curiosity got the better of another driver and went down the Merton to have alook at the guy?said he was as big as Arnold Schwarzenegger.....................(in your dreams)..................

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