Thursday, November 04, 2004

David McCann

This is a sorry tale and i only hope Ian Swanny doesent get wind of this.
Let's start from the beginning.
Alex blew through to see if Dave wanted a cup of tea with him in the office.
Dave said yes and he'd meet him their.
Alex got himself 1 and left credit in the machine for Dave.
In the meantime Stretch walks in the office see's credit in the machine and has it off(as ye do).
So later on,Dave appears and says did'nt ye get me a brew ye so and so.
So Alex tell's him he has got him one but Stretch had it off and all that,so give's dave a pound and says here get your own and get me a chocolate.
So Alex carried on gassing and few minute's later remembered about his drink(or lack of it).
So looking around the office he couldent see it,so at looking at the machine their was no credit in it.
The story unfold's.
The pound that Alex gave Dave,Dave put that in HIS box,took out 40p and got his own drink?
What more can you say to that,i shudder to think!

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