Sunday, September 05, 2004


Although their is no vacancies for operators it appears their is a growing interest to be one.So here are the channels you have to go through.
Start with an a4 size piece of paper(new clean one)
State your full name(middle ones as well,even if they are stupid)
State your pressent occupation, (if you've ever had one)
Your address,eg house,flat,bedsit,b&b,no fixed abode.
Your hobbies & interests.
Your favorite taxi(maroon TX1)
Your favorite taxi driver(probably not me after this)
Your favorite operator(no bribes please,mars bars included)
Please use a dark colored pen,pencil,crayon.(Black or Blue)
After you have competed your form and you have checked it twice,rip it up and place it in the nearest bin,or hand it to Andy Taylor so he can bin it............................
Keep your chin's up lads,
You never know whats round the corner(could be a flag)(or a letter off the tax man)
Soon Ladies

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wuss said...

anger managment i have a cue for that oooops...sorry i mean cure